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Let's do it, together!

Everything comes from the frustration of friends while dealing with archaic web agencies. It just doesn't fit with startups. You need reactivity, flexibility, proximity.

The objective is to be your tech partner during the time you need to bring your app to the world, then let's grow.

Keep it simple. No silly meetings. Short iterations. Open to changes.


How digital can transform your business? We'll work together to define strategic objectives and achieve them quickly.


Minimum viable product is enough to start, no need to work on definitive version. Let's start small, and then iterate.

Case studies

Every year, I contribute to one association as a volunteer. Contact me!


Your project is unique and must be treated as such. That's why, I can't accept all the projects. We choose each other through a friendly selection process, which is much more productive later on.

No packaged services. Each feature will be carefully analyzed and implemented, let's make it step by step. Your core value is the key.

All the recurrents tasks will have to be automated. Your time is much more precious. Let's the robots do the boring stuff :)

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